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Some operas are legendary. None more so than Puccini's work telling the tale of young bohemians in Paris, in which one of the most beautiful romances in operatic literature begins with a burnt-out candle and a misplaced key.There are also legendary opera productions, such as this one directed by Kálmán Nádasdy. With Gusztáv Oláh's marvellous scenery, it is a genuine example of theatrical history that has remained on the Opera's programme calendar since 1937, with 882 performances to date. Some things are timeless. This wonderful production is unquestionably one of them.


Erkel Ferenc: Bánk bán Opera három felvonásban, magyar nyelven, magyar és angol felirattal

Judit Galgóczy's direction focuses on the dynamic and pulsating game of everyone appearing…

On the occasion of the Christian Season, the Opera is including the oratorio…