Sing-along Baby

Sing-along Baby

Vedd ölbe, ringasd, énekelj! – Kisgyermekkori zenei nevelés 3 éves korig.

At these sessions at the Erkel Theatre, parents will receive guidance on the musical upbringing of the youngest age groups based on the world-famous Kodály method. We warmly welcome children as young as a few months and all mothers, fathers and grandparents who love to sing and play music with their little ones in a relaxed and affectionate environment, those who believe that it is critical to raise children using the arts as tools, those who enjoy singing and learning new songs, and even those who are themselves intimidated by the idea of singing and seek a community to support in overcoming their inhibitions and would like to expand their repertoire of songs. We recommend sessions from birth to the age of three and also welcome expectant mothers. On Thursdays from 11 am (30 min. each), Erkel Theatre, Kodály Hall

Location   Erkel Theatre - Bernáth Buffet
Date          Nov. 16, 2017
Start time        11:00
End time         11:30


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