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His Majesty King Pomade has a big problem: he doesn't have a single thing to wear for his name day celebration, because he's already worn every piece of clothing in his wardrobe. Sometimes more than once! But then two strange weavers arrive in the kingdom to promise the king garments woven from a miraculous cloth – and not just any kind of garments: only people who are honest and true will be able to see them!
György Ránki's popular children's opera is at heart built around the world of Hungarian folk song, but also incorporates jazz and parodic styles. With sparkling musical humour, the composer holds a carnival mirror up to the hypocritical world of the royal court. (And please don't tell anyone, but the king is naked!)
Librettist: Amy Károlyi
Director: Attila Toronykőy
Visual designer: Katalin Juhász
Costume designer: Katalin Juhász
Choreographer: Gábor Horváth
Chorus director: Gábor Csiki
English surtitles: Arthur Roger Crane
Conductor: Rajna Martin
King Pomade: László Szvétek | Péter Forgács
Dani: Gergely Biri | István Bocskai
Béni: Lajos Geiger | Pál Sebestyén
Ramroddy Tóbiás: András Kiss | Dávid Tarnai
Roberto Garda: Attila Erdős | Norbert Aronescu
Dzsufi, the jester: Eszter Zemlényi | Anett Anikó Baranyai
Captain: Ferenc Endrész | Sándor Dobos
Corporal: András Farkas | Zoltán Somogyi


Children's opera in two parts, in Hungarian, with Hungarian surtitles

Opera-mix in two parts, is Hungarian with Hungarian and English surtitles The Barber of Seville / The Marriage of Figaro…

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