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Proclaiming (notably with the popular “Hallelujah” chorus) the coming and resurrection of the Saviour, Messiah remains to this day one of the most popular of Handel’s works. A little under half a century after its 1742 world premiere in Dublin, it was performed for the first time in the revised and rescored German-language version Der Messias created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The “German Messiah” thus is the fruit of an extraordinary “collaboration” between two geniuses: the scintillating brilliance of Händel as interpreted by Mozart.
Mozart’s arrangement is sung in a new Hungarian translation by Ádám Nádasdy.

Soprano: Rita Rácz
Alto: Gabriella Balga
Tenor: István Horváth
Bass: Krisztián Cser


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: IDOMENEO, RE DI CRETA Contemporary Opera - Premier This performance is not recommended for chrildren under the…

Children's opera in two parts, in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles.

Opera in three acts, in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles

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