Information on standing places for sold-out performances

If all seats are sold out for the selceted time, 64 standing seats at reasonable prices for the 3rd floor balcony become available 2 hours before the start of the performance. Tickets can be purchased at the Opera House ticket office and online. Please note there is limited view from the side seats and the standing places, but the performance can be followed on screens.

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Since the spread of historically informed performance and replica instruments, it is not the opera orchestras that are considered to play the most adequate 18th and early 19th century music. But who could fill a large space more flexibly and with more body to the sound than the OPERA Orchestra, able to restrain the power of their Romantic instruments as necessary? We do not play early music solely for its overflowing richness, but we also learn from it and create numerous opera projects based on it. Now the Festival of Myths will provide a new opportunity to discover what a modern instrumental ensemble can add to the music of old ages written on mythological topics.

  Il re pastore
     „Ditelo voi, pastori… Aer tranquillo e dì sereni” – Aminta's aria from Act 1
  Mitridate, re di Ponto
     „Lungi da te, mio bene” – Sifare's aria from Act 2

  Scena di Berenice – concert aria


  Orfeo ed Euridice
     „Qual vita è questa mai… Che fiero momento” – Eurydice's aria from Act 2

  Guillaume Tell
     „Sombre forêt” – Mathilde's aria from Act 2
     „Bel raggio lusinghier” – Semiramide's cavatina from Act 1


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Golden Age: Mythos Buy tickets

Emőke Baráth and the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Concert in two parts, with Hungarian, English, and same-language subtitles

Recommended for children ages 4 to 7 Hungarian-language discussion programme.

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