Les huguenots

Les huguenots

Opera in three parts, five acts, in French, with Hungarian and English surtitles.

How else would the Opera celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation than by staging Les Huguenots, the wonderful grand opéra by Giacomo Meyerbeer?
The story is based on one of the most horrible events in the French Wars of Religion: the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre, when thousands of French Calvinist Protestants (Huguenots) gathered in Paris were butchered with the assent of the king.
The piece is one of the most brilliant examples of French grande opera, conquering the entire globe soon after its world premiere in Paris. It has remained one of the most popular and frequently played operatic works ever since.


Location   Erkel Theatre
Date        Nov. 10, 2017
Start time       18:00
End time        22:00


     Oliver von Dohnányi
Marguerite de Valois, queen of Navarre
    Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser
Urbain, the queen's page
    Melinda Heiter
Count of Saint-Bris
    Tamás Busa
Valentine, daughter of the Count of Saint-Bris
    Kinga Kriszta
Raoul de Nangis, a Protestant gentleman
    Boldizsár László
Marcel, Raoul's servant
    Gábor Bretz
Count of Nevers
    Csaba Sándor
Cossé, a Catholic gentleman
    József Mukk
Tavannes, a Catholic gentleman
    Béla Turpinszky Gippert
Thoré, a Catholic gentleman
    Ferenc Cserhalmi
De Retz, a Catholic gentleman
    Zoltán Gradsach
Méru, a Catholic gentleman
    Attila Erdős
Maurevert, a Catholic gentleman
    Zsolt Molnár
Bois-Rosé, a Huguenot soldier
    László Beöthy-Kiss
    Dániel Roska
First maid of honour
    Judit Kerék
Second maid of honour
    Mónika Németh
Town crier
    Attila Búra
First monk
    Gábor Csiki
Second monk
    Géza Zsigmond
Third monk
    Attila Fenyvesi
First Protestant second
    Géza Zsigmond
Second Protestant second
    Attila Fenyvesi


    Eugène Scribe / Émile Deschamps
    János Szikora
Set designer
    Balázs Horesnyi
Costume designer
    Yvette Alida Kovács
    Csaba Sebestyén
Hungarian surtitles
    Judit Kenesey
English surtitles
    Arthur Roger Crane
Chorus director
    Kálmán Strausz
Assistant chorus master
    Gábor Csiki